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BMF's vision is to create socially conscious media and media professionals. We view increasing the numbers of journalists of color as an important part of creating socially conscious media.
A socially conscious media professional is someone who pursues storytelling about people, places, and issues typically ignored by the mainstream. A socially conscious media professional is also aware of the history of the communities he/she tells stories about and someone who understands the power the media has to shape lives.

BMF goes into schools and community centers and teach video and newspaper production programs. BMF instructors plan with site administrators and teachers the parameters and outcomes of workshop. BMF instructors follow a Language Arts curriculum based on the standards set by the New York State Education Department

Media Consultancy
BMF provides media support for non-profits and small businesses for a nominal fee. BMF also provides expert one day seminars and teacher training on the workings of the media.

Summer Institute
This program seeks specifically to cultivate young story-tellers during the summer months. We seek to use this time of the year to further encourage young people to work on more intense projects.

Do-It-Myself Productions
DIM Productions gives young filmakers/video makers the opportunity to develop their own projects and shoot and edit during their spare time. It is intended to cultivate young story-tellers by encouraging their participation in film festivals and other creative contests. BMF relies on donations to make this program successful.